Table 3

Summary of TCPC haemodynamics and exercise performance parameter (n=47)

Mean±SDCohort (n=47)(1) Intra-atrial (n=33)(2) Extracardiac (n=14)p Value comparing (1) and (2)
TCPC haemodynamic variables
iPL at VAT0.051±0.0440.049±0.0460.055±0.0400.46*
TCPC resistance† at VAT (mm Hg/(L/min/m2))0.58±0.490.55±0.490.64±0.510.33*
TCPC diameter index (mm/m)10.3±1.710.5±1.79.8±1.40.18‡
Exercise performance variables
VO2 at VAT (mL/kg/min)17±417±417±40.73*
VO2 at peak exercise (mL/kg/min)29±729±729±60.93‡
Work rate at VAT/weight (W/kg)0.92±0.290.94±0.310.87±0.270.51‡
Oxygen saturation at peak exercise (%)90±491±489±50.10*
  • *Performed with the Mann-Whitney test.

  • †TCPC resistance was computed as Embedded Image , where BSA = body surface area (m2) and LSVC= left SVC.

  • ‡Performed with Student’s t-test.

  • iPL, indexed power loss; TCPC, total cavapulmonary connections; VAT, ventilatory anaerobic threshold.