Table 4

Significant correlations between iPL at VAT and geometric parameters (n=45)

Geometric parameterSpearman’s rank correlation coefficient (r)p Value
Normalised minimum FP diameter−0.632<0.001
Normalised mean FP diameter−0.507<0.001
Normalised maximum FP diameter−0.3900.008
Normalised minimum SVC diameter−0.3490.02
Normalised minimum pulmonary artery diameter−0.4640.001
Normalised mean pulmonary artery diameter−0.511<0.001
TCPC diameter index−0.819<0.001
Connection angle between SVC and LPA0.3050.04
  • FP, Fontan pathway; iPL, indexed power loss; LPA, left pulmonary artery; SVC, superior vena cava; TCPC, total cavapulmonary connections.