Table 3

Relation between haemodynamically obstructive disease distribution at ICA and mean CAD-score Version 3 (n=320)

All patientsCAD-score Version 3P value
 No disease26.3±12.0<0.05
 One-vessel disease28.7±11.7
 Two-vessel disease31.6±11.5
 Three-vessel or left main coronary artery disease32.5±13.9
 Left main coronary artery32.8±16.40.97
 Left anterior descending coronary artery30.6±12.0
 Left circumflex coronary artery31.8±11.4
 Right coronary artery30.3±12.3
Patients with one-vessel disease*
 Left main coronary arteryNA0.50
 Left anterior descending coronary artery29.4±11.6
 Left circumflex coronary artery24.6±6.8
 Right coronary artery26.7±12.5
  • *The number of patients with haemodynamically obstructive one-vessel disease at ICA was 84 in total: left anterior descending coronary artery (n=63), left circumflex coronary artery (n=4) and right coronary artery (n=17).

  • NA, not applicable.