Table 1

Main features of the studies included in the meta-analysis

StudyDesignStudy populationMulticentricIndependent echocardiographic core laboratory
ACCESS-EU17 Prospective510393117YesNo
Braun et al. 201414 Prospective1194772NoNo
Chan et al. 201216 Prospective271215NoNo
EVEREST II RCT20 RCT17848130YesYes
EVEREST II HRS5 Prospective21114962YesYes
EVEREST II REALISM21 Prospective628439189YesYes
GRASP15 Prospective1178928NoNo
Pilot European sentinel registry18 Prospective595452143YesNo
Rudolph et al. 201319 Prospective23015377NoNo
Pooled population26151782833
  • DMR, degenerative mitral regurgitation; EVEREST II, Endovascular Valve Edge-to-Edge Repair Study II; FMR, functional mitral regurgitation; RCT,┬árandomised controlled trial.