Table 2

Proportion of patients with heart failure symptom before diagnosis by symptom type

By symptom typeN% of total% of patients with HF symptoms
Breathlessness12 01932.779.8
Breathlessness only (no fatigue or ankle swelling)868323.657.7
Fatigue only (no breathlessness or ankle swelling)13223.68.8
Ankle swelling35869.823.8
Ankle swelling only (no breathlessness or fatigue)14964.19.9
Any two symptoms31828.721.1
All three symptoms3741.02.5
Total seeing GP prediagnosis with HF symptom(s) recorded15 05741.0100.0
Total seeing GP prediagnosis but with other symptom recorded17 72448.2
Total with no prediagnosis GP contact396710.8
  • GP, general practitioner; HF, heart failure.