Table 1

Contraindications and relative contraindications for minimally invasive mitral valve repair

ContraindicationsRelative contraindications
Previous right thoracotomyPrevious sternotomy
Significant aortic root/ascending aortic dilatationMild aortic stenosis or regurgitation
Moderate or severe aortic valve regurgitationReduced left ventricular function (EF <50%)
Fixed pulmonary hypertension (>60 mm Hg)Variable pulmonary hypertension (>50 mm Hg)
Right ventricular dysfunctionLimited peripheral arterial disease
Severe generalised peripheral arterial diseaseChest deformity (pectus/scoliosis)
Calcification of the aortic root/ascending aortaAsymptomatic, mild coronary disease
Mitral anular calcificationModerate pulmonary dysfunction
Myocardial infarction or ischaemia <30 daysAsymptomatic cerebrovascular disease
Coronary artery disease requiring CABG
Severe pulmonary dysfunction
Symptomatic cerebrovascular disease or stroke <30 days
Severe liver dysfunction
Significant bleeding disorder
  • CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; EF, ejection fraction.