Table 3

The number of ‘CTCA-capable’ scanners operated by the NHS across the UK as a whole and each devolved nation in 2016 compared with the estimated CTCA provision required to implement the updated NICE guidelines

Geographical locationPopulation (millions)CTCA-capable scannersCTCA provision required versus CTCA-capable scanners
Number of scanners (per million population)CTCAs requiredCTCAs required per CTCA-capable scanner
UK64.1304 (5)335 6661104
England54.1258 (5)282 9431097
Scotland5.326 (5)27 4661056
Wales39 (3)15 5851732
Northern Ireland1.811 (6)9665879
  • CTCA, CT coronary angiography; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; NHS, National Health Service.