Table 1

Patient demographics and imaging study characteristics

Characteristic (n=1474)
Race, Caucasian1464 (99.3%)
Sex, male719 (48.8%)
Age (years)57.2±8.8
Genetic predisposition*557 (37.8%)
Body mass index (kg/m²)26.7±4.1
Abdominal circumference (cm)93.0±12.6
Blood pressure
Heart rate†65±11
 Never703 (47.7%)
 Former538 (36.5%)
  Active233 (15.8%)
Diabetes79 (5.4%)
Symptoms (n=1474)
Typical chest pain410 (27.8%)
Atypical chest pain495 (33.6%)
Non-specific569 (38.6%)
CCS Functional Classification of Angina ≥2
 1 (angina only with strenuous exertion)1054 (71.5%)
 ≥2 (angina with moderate or severe exertion)113 (7.7%)
Updated Diamond-Forrester score39% (20%–54%)
Risk groups according to updated Diamond-Forrester score
 Low risk (<15%)210 (14.2%)
 Moderate risk (≥15% and 85%)1229 (83.4%)
 High risk (≥85%)35 (2.4%)
Echo (n=1474)
Left ventricular ejection fraction59.9%±3.4
Cardiac valve disease, any71 (4.8%)
 Aorta insufficiency (mild to moderate)36 (2.4%)
 Other systolic valve disease (mild to moderate)35 (2.4%)
Coronary artery calcium score (CACS) (n=1474)
Median0 (0–80)
Coronary artery calcium score groups
 None (=0)753 (51.1%)
 Low/moderate (1–399)567 (38.5%)
 High (≥400)154 (10.4%)
Cardiac CT angiography‡ (n=1470)
Coronary artery disease severity
 Non (stenosis 0% and CACS=0)702 (47.8%)
 Mild (stenosis 0%–29%)306 (20.8%)
 Moderate (stenosis 30%–49%)112 (7.6%)
 Severe (stenosis 50%–100%)350 (23.8%)
Invasive coronary angiography (QCA, anatomic disease)‡ (n=325)
Coronary artery disease severity
 Mild stenosis (0%–29%)74 (5.1%)
 Moderate stenosis (30%–49%)98 (6.8%)
 Severe stenosis (50%–100%, anatomically obstructive stenosis)153 (10.6%)
Vessel disease
 Left main coronary artery7 (0.05%)
 Left anterior descending coronary artery96 (6.6%)
 Left circumflex coronary artery53 (3.7%)
 Right coronary artery67 (4.6%)
Coronary vessel disease
 One-vessel disease94 (6.5%)
 Two-vessel disease42 (2.9%)
 Three-vessel disease or LM disease17 (1.2%)
Invasive coronary angiography (FFR, haemodynamic disease)‡ (n=325)
Coronary artery disease severity
 Non-severe stenosis (FFR>0.8 or diameter stenosis<30%)180 (12.4%)
 Severe stenosis (FFR<0.8), haemodynamically obstructive stenosis145 (10.0%)
Vessel disease
 Left main coronary artery7 (0.05%)
 Left anterior descending coronary artery117 (8.1%)
 Left circumflex coronary artery41 (2.8%)
 Right coronary artery55 (3.8%)
Coronary vessel disease
 One-vessel disease88 (6.1%)
  Two-vessel disease39 (2.7%)
  Three-vessel disease or left main coronary artery disease18 (1.2%)
  • Values are n (%) or mean±SD or median (IQR).

  • *Coronary artery disease among first-degree relatives aged less than 60 years.

  • †Mean heart rate at the time of CAD-score measurement was 54±7 bpm and at the time of CTA was 56±7 bpm.

  • ‡Cardiac CTA data were missing in four patients and ICA data were missing in 25 patients with an indication to ICA due to severe CAD at cardiac CTA.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; CTA, CT angiography; FFR, fractional flow reserve; ICA, Invasive coronary angiography;  QCA, quantitative coronary angiography.