Table 4

The number of level 2, level 3 and the overall total number of accredited CTCA practitioners in the UK as a whole and each devolved nation in 2015 compared with the estimated CTCA provision required for full implementation of the updated NICE guidelines

Geographical locationPopulation (millions)Level 2 practitionersLevel 3 practitionersTotal level 2 and level 3 practitionersCTCA provision required versus practitioners
NumberNumberNumberPer million populationCTCAs requiredCTCAs per accredited practitioner
UK64.2169291983350 0001768
England54.1144251693295 0301746
Scotland5.319322428 6301301
Wales3303116 2515417
Northern Ireland1.8314210 0892522
  • CTCA, CT coronary angiography; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.