Table 2

Baseline demographic characteristics and CVD risk factors according to sport PA categories

Sport PAP value
Poor (n=2231)Intermediate (n=737)Recommended (n=606)
Age, years (SD)42.8 (9.0)38.7 (8.7)36.8 (8.2)<0.0001
Cohort type, %
Occupational class, %
 Non-manual and manual workers88.684.089.9
Educational class*, %
Body mass index, kg/m226.526.026.1<0.01
Total cholesterol, mg/dL217.1217.8210.9<0.01
HDL cholesterol, mg/dL48.550.051.0<0.0001
Total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol4.774.644.42<0.0001
Systolic BP, mm Hg144.8144.9146.30.27
Diastolic BP, mm Hg98.498.899.90.15
Antihypertensive treatment, %
Hypertension†, %62.962.565.20.65
Current smoking, %43.232.827.3<0.0001
Diabetes, %2.541.942.320.71
Alcohol intake*, %
 Moderate (<50 gr/die)57.457.958.2
 High (>50 gr/die)
Occupational PA*, %
  • Men aged 25–64 years, free of CVD and current employed at baseline (n=3574). Age-adjusted mean (prevalence) at the age of 45 years, from linear (logistic) models.

  • *Prevalence estimated from a generalised logits model.

  • †Systolic BP ≥140 mm Hg or diastolic BP ≥90 mm Hg or under anti-hypertensive treatment.

  • BP, blood pressure; CVD, cardiovascular disease; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; PA, physical activity.