Table 4

Risk factor-adjusted HRs (with 95% CIs) for SpPA in different OPA categories, and test for SpPA-OPA interaction on the incidence of CHD and CVD events

OPASpPANCHD events (n=135)CVD events (n=174)
RateHR (95% CI)RateHR (95% CI)
LowIntermediate/recommended5441.560.45 (0.24 to 0.87)1.860.45 (0.25 to 0.82)
IntermediateIntermediate/recommended4542.291.20 (0.54 to 2.67)2.410.93 (0.43 to 1.98)
HighIntermediate/recommended3453.561.84 (0.88 to 3.87)4.981.66 (0.87 to 3.14)
Heterogeneity test P value*0.020.01
Interaction test P value‡ °0.020.01
  • Men aged 25–64 years, free of CVD and currently employed at baseline (n=3574). Rates (x1000 person-years) are age adjusted and estimated at the sample mean age.

  • Adjusted for age, cohort type (population-based vs factory-based), educational level, body mass index, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, systolic BP, current smoking, diabetes and alcohol intake.

  • *Waldχ 2 test (5 df).

  • †Waldχ 2 test for interaction (2 df).

  • BP, blood pressure; CHD, coronary heart disease; CVD, cardiovascular disease; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; OPA, occupational physical activity; SpPA, sport physical activity.