Table 2

Conventional and ambulatory blood pressures and heart rate of the study participants with and without incident atrial fibrillation

Characteristics   No AFIncident AFP value*
Participants with available daytime ABP  n=3813 n=143
 Conventional blood pressure (mm Hg)*
   Pulse pressure47.4±11.854.9±15.7<0.0001
 Conventional heart rate (bpm)70.7 ±10.268.9±10.30.036
 Daytime blood pressure (mm Hg)
   Pulse pressure47.5±7.851.0±9.7<0.0001
 Systolic blood pressure load, daytime (%)13.3 (3.23–36.8)26.7 (11.8–57.1)<0.0001
 Daytime heart rate (bpm)78.4±10.975.4±10.60.0003
Participants with complete 24-hour ABP  n=2665 n=111
 Conventional blood pressure (mm Hg)*
   Pulse pressure47.7±11.955.1±16.4<0.0001
 Conventional heart rate (bpm)72.2±10.270.2±10.60.043
 Mean 24-hour blood pressure (mm Hg)
   Pulse pressure47.1±7.450.3±8.90.0003
  Mean 24-hour heart rate (bpm)72.8±8.870.8±9.40.023
 Daytime blood pressure (mm Hg)
   Pulse pressure47.7±7.951.1±9.50.0003
  Daytime heart rate (bpm)79.1±10.676.6±10.60.016
 Night-time blood pressure (mm Hg)
   Pulse pressure46.0±7.848.2±8.90.011
  Night-time heart rate (bpm)63.7±8.962.4±9.70.15
  • Values are arithmetic mean±SD or median (10%–90% percentiles). P-values are for differences between two groups.

  • *Average of five blood pressure readings obtained at one home visit.

  • ABPM, ambulatory blood pressure; AF, atrial fibrillation; CV, cardiovascular.