Abstract 22 Table 2

Adverse events, tolerability, acceptability of study procedures and concomitant medications at follow up

Colchicine group (n=113)Placebo group (n=111)P-value
Any adverse event1721
Re-admission to hospital312
Adverse event not requiring hospitalisation151 9
Gastrointestinal 126
Other2 33
Discontinued treatment53
Took≥25 days of study treatment104103
Morisky Medication Adherence score
Willing to continue with study medication
Other medications being taken at follow up3
Aspirin112 (99%)109 (100%)3
Second anti-platelet agent108 (96%)108 (99%)3
Statin109 (96%)107 (98%)3
Beta-blocker107 (95%)107 (98%)3
ACE inhibitor or ARB106 (94%)104 (95%)3