Table 2

Comparison of diagnostic accuracy of auscultation by general practitioners for the prediction of significant valvular heart disease (VHD), according to body mass index (BMI) above and below the upper limit of ‘healthy weight’ as defined by the World Health Organization (25 kg/m2)

BMI <25 kg/m2 BMI ≥25 kg/m2 P values for difference between groups
Significant VHD21 (24%)15 (9%)0.002
Sensitivity57% (34%–78%)27% (8%–55%)0.40
Specificity71% (58%–81%)69% (61%–76%)0.99
Positive predictive value39% (22%–58%)8% (2%–19%)0.01
Negative predictive value84% (71%–92%)90% (83%–95%)0.84
Positive likelihood ratio1.95 (1.15–3.32)0.85 (0.36–2.04)0.11
Negative likelihood ratio0.61 (0.36–1.02)1.07 (0.77–1.48)0.07
  • P values are for the differences between groups (BMI <25 vs ≥25) and are based on χ2 test, with the exception of Cochran’s Q test for likelihood ratios.