Table 1

Characteristics of the study population according to the severity of AS at baseline

Moderate AS (n=210)Severe AS (n=106)P values
Demographic and clinical data
  Age, years65±1264±1269±11<0.01
  Male, %6770610.134
  Weight, kg80±1681±1678±160.189
  Body mass index, kg/m2 28±1029±1128±50.290
  Obesity, %2627250.803
  Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg142±19140±18145±210.055
  Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg82±1380±1386±11<0.01
  Hypertension, %7473760.643
  Antihypertensive treatment, %6565650.968
  Current and ex-smokers, %4746480.773
  Coronary artery disease, %515838<0.01
  Diabetes mellitus, %1314100.409
  Atrial fibrillation, %1310200.06
  Hypercholesterolaemia, %677256<0.05
  Statins, %636952<0.05
  Aspirin, %5757600.629
Echocardiographic data
  Left atrium dimension, cm3.8±0.73.8±0.73.7±0.70.790
  Aortic root diameter, cm3.3±0.53.3±0.53.3±0.50.572
  Aortic annulus diameter, cm2.1±0.32.2±0.22.1±0.30.073
  LV end-diastolic diameter, cm4.6±0.74.6±0.64.5±0.70.301
  Interventricular septal thickness, cm1.29±0.261.27±0.251.35±0.28<0.05
  Posterior wall thickness, cm1.12±0.221.10±0.201.15±0.26<0.05
  LV ejection fraction, %60±760±760±60.814
  Fractional shortening, %34±834±836±100.230
  Mean resistance, dyne s/cm5 193±80150±52271±61<0.001
  Peak aortic jet velocity, m/s3.7±0.63.4±0.54.4±0.5<0.001
  Mean aortic gradient, mm Hg34±1334±543±5<0.001
  Effective orifice area, cm2 0.94±0.221.04±0.200.74±0.14<0.001
  • AS, aortic stenosis; LV, left ventricular.