Table 1

A summary of the different NICE Medical Technology Programmes and Guidance documents

NICE programmeGuidance considerationsGuidance recommendationsCost analysisFunding mandate
Medical Technologies Evaluation ProgrammeSingle technologyPatient and system benefitsCost minimisationNone
Interventional ProceduresMedical procedureProcedural safety and efficacyNoneNone
Diagnostics Assessment ProgrammeDiagnostic technologiesDiagnostic clinical and cost-effectivenessCost-effectivenessNone
Technology AppraisalsPharmaceutical or medical device technologiesClinical and cost-effectivenessCost-effectivenessNHS funding in England and Wales within 3 months of publication
NICE Guidelines/Clinical Guidelines before January 2015Clinical or social conditions and care pathwaysOptimal clinical and social practiceCost utilityNone
  • NHS, National Health  Service; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.