Table 1

Aircrew categories and types 

CategoryAircrew roles
Pilots and navigatorsCivil pilots—commercial, airline transport or rotary wing (helicopter) pilots
Recreational pilots—including private pilot licence holders, light aircraft, helicopter, glider and balloon pilots
Military pilots—fixed wing or rotary wing (helicopters), high performance, fast jet, single seat or multi-crew operators, instructors
Navigators—duties may include Air Combat Systems Officers in fast jet air operations
Rear crewAirborne Combat Systems Operators, Flight Engineers, Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators, Mission Specialists, Flight Test Engineers, Loadmasters, Aerospace Control Operators, Aeromedical Training Officers, Aeromedical Technicians, Search and Rescue technicians, boom operators, observers, etc
Controlling ground crewAir traffic controllers (civil and military), Battle space managers, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) pilots
OthersAeromedical staff including Flight Surgeons, Flight Nurses, Flight Medical Technicians.
Flight Attendants, Flight Stewards, Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) technicians, RPAS payload operators, etc