Table 10

Recommendations for broad complex arrhythmias

Aircrew with accelerated idioventricular rhythm should be evaluated for an underlying disease. If an underlying cause can be excluded, a return to unrestricted aircrew duties including flying is possible.Recommended
Aircrew with ventricular tachycardia (VT) are initially unfit for flying and must be evaluated for underlying disease. Return to restricted aircrew duties may be possible, if there is no underlying disease, the VT is asymptomatic, the VT duration is no longer than 11 beats, and if there are no more than four runs within any 24 hour period.Recommended
Aircrew who have undergone catheter ablation are initially unfit for flying for a certain observation period. Return to aircrew duties may be possible after a period of observation. This length of observation and risk-assessment post ablation will depend on the treated arrhythmia.Recommended