Table 2

Aircrew categories in the RCAF stratified by increasing level of risk acceptance—1 highest impact of incapacitation, so lowest accepted risk, to category 4, lowest impact and highest acceptable risk

CategoryAircrew roles
Category 1Pilots—fighters, tactical helicopter, maritime rotary wing, search and rescue rotary wing, instructors of ab initio aircrew
Search and rescue technicians
Air traffic controllers
Category 2Pilots—transport, maritime fixed wing, instructors of qualified aircrew
Category 3Airborne combat systems operators, flight engineers, airborne electronic sensor operators, mission specialists, flight test engineers, loadmasters, air weapons controllers, aeromedical training officers, aeromedical technicians, unmanned aerial vehicle operators
Category 4Flight surgeons, flight nurses, flight medical technicians, cabin crew (flight attendants, flight stewards), AWACS technicians, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) payload operators
  • AWACS, Airborne Warning and Control System; RCAF, Royal Canadian Air Force.