Table 2

Adjusted baseline echocardiographic characteristics of patients with CTHF and NCTHF with available echocardiographic images

VariablesNCTHF (n=834)*CTHF (n=71)*P values*
LVEF, %32 (31, 32)36 (33, 40)0.048
LVEDVI, mL/m2 92.7±1.475.4±4.9<0.001
LVESVI, mL/m2 63.6±1.348.5±4.70.002
Mean wall thickness, cm0.98±0.010.94±0.030.16
LV mass index, g/m2 117.3±1.396.7±4.8<0.001
Relative wall thickness0.37±0.0040.38±0.020.57
E/A ratio1.59±0.041.90±0.150.042
e′ septal, cm/s6.3±0.15.8±0.30.12
E/e′ septal14.5±0.317.0±1.10.026
EDP/LVEDVI ratio, mm Hg/mL/m2 0.26±0.0040.33±0.01<0.001
LAVI, mL/m2 37.7±0.630.2±2.20.001
EDP/LAVI ratio, mm Hg/mL/m2 0.66±0.010.88±0.04<0.001
Global longitudinal LV strain, %−12.6±0.2−12.5±0.60.89
Global circumferential LV strain, %−18.9±0.3−19.6±0.80.41
  • Data are presented as mean±SE for all variables, except LVEF, which is presented as geometric mean (95% CI). The presented values of echocardiographic variables are adjusted for age and sex.

  • *Adjusted for age and sex.

  • CTHF, cancer therapy-induced heart failure; EDP, end-diastolic pressure; LAVI, left atrial volume index; LV, left ventricular; LVEDVI, left ventricular end-diastolic volume index; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVESVI, left ventricular end-systolic volume index; NCTHF, non-cancer therapy-induced heart failure.