Table 3

Hazard ratios for the composite outcome of all-cause mortality, non-fatal myocardial infarction and late revascularisation according to the severity and extent of obstructive CAD (n=14 382)

Unadjusted modelRisk factor-adjusted model
HR95% CIP valuesHR95% CIP values
CCTA models
Severity of obstructive CAD
 No CAD1.001.00
 Non-obstructive CAD3.132.32 to 4.23<0.0012.411.72 to 3.37<0.001
 Moderate-to-severe CAD16.0612.13 to 21.28<0.00110.227.35 to 14.21<0.001
 Any CTO25.1216.51 to 38.24<0.00114.549.11 to 23.20<0.001
 Any proximal CTO30.7519.58 to 48.31<0.00118.3011.16 to 30.01<0.001
Extent of obstructive CAD (no. of involved vessels with ≥50% stenosis)
 No CAD1.001.00
 Non-obstructive CAD3.132.32 to 4.23<0.0012.451.75 to 3.44<0.001
 One-vessel disease13.149.72 to 17.75<0.0018.425.94 to 11.93<0.001
 Multivessel or left main disease22.4916.44 to 30.75<0.00114.8210.27 to 21.40<0.001
 Any CTO25.4016.69 to 38.66<0.00115.319.59 to 24.45<0.001
 Any proximal CTO31.1119.80 to 48.87<0.00119.3011.76 to 31.66<0.001
  • Risk adjustment was performed based on differences in age, gender, cardiovascular risk factors and symptoms.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; CCTA, coronary CT angiography; CTO,  chronic total occlusion.