Table 2

HRs for all-cause death according to the severity and extent of obstructive CAD (n=22 828)

Unadjusted modelRisk factor-adjusted model
HR95% CIP valuesHR95% CIP values
CCTA models
Severity of obstructive CAD
 No CAD1.001.00
 Non-obstructive CAD2.531.85 to 3.45<0.0011.380.99 to 1.910.056
 Moderate-to-severe CAD5.664.20 to 7.63<0.0012.341.69 to 3.24<0.001
 Any CTO8.724.59 to 16.59<0.0012.651.32 to 5.280.006
 Any proximal CTO11.625.95 to 22.70<0.0013.731.81 to 7.66<0.001
Extent of obstructive CAD (no. of involved vessels with ≥50% stenosis)
 No CAD1.001.00
 Non-obstructive CAD2.531.85 to 3.45<0.0011.401.01 to 1.940.046
 One-vessel disease3.882.71 to 5.54<0.0011.851.27 to 2.680.001
 Any CTO8.724.59 to 16.60<0.0012.711.36 to 5.420.005
 Multivessel or left main disease8.155.88 to 11.28<0.0012.972.08 to 4.25<0.001
 Any proximal CTO11.625.95 to 22.70<0.0013.821.86 to 7.86<0.001
  • Risk adjustment was performed based on differences in age, gender, cardiovascular risk factors and symptoms.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; CCTA, coronary CT angiography; CTO, chronic total occlusion.