Table 4

Acceptability and utility of the basic and advanced medication reminder apps reported by intervention participants

CharacteristicN (%) (n=98)
 Found medication list useful75 (76.5)
 Found medication reminders useful67 (68.4)
Influence on medication-taking behaviour
 Reminders helped take medication on the correct time every day65 (66.3)
Easy to use
 Found easy to use the app81 (82.7)
 Found easy to set up the medication reminders66 (67.3)
Frequency of medication reminders
 Twice a day or more43 (43.9)
 Once a day14 (14.3)
 Not regularly40 (40.8)
Continued use and sharing
 Will continue to use the app75 (76.5)
 Would recommend app to family and friends77 (78.6)