Table 2

Echocardiographic comparison between athletes and controls* This table is redundant and needs to come out. We do not make reference to it and the most important information (lines 3 and 4) is already in the text.

Athletes (n=3781)Controls (n=806)P value
HR (bpm)60.6±11.971.7±14.4<0.001
Ao (mm)28.3±4.127.8±4.10.010
Ao (mm/m2)15.5±2.115.4±2.00.019
Max-LVWT (mm)9.2±1.38.8±1.2<0.001
LVED (mm)51.0±5.248.2±4.8<0.001
LVM/BSA (g/m2)113±32106±38.1<0.001
LAD (mm)34.0±6.031.7±8.7<0.001
FS %34.9±5.736.0±5.90.004
AV Vmax (cm/s)1.36±2.41.49±4.10.101
E/A ratio2.2±0.82.1±0.60.223
  • *Data are expressed as mean±SD.

  • Ao, aortic sinus of Valsalva diameter; AV Vmax, continuous wave aortic flow velocity; E/A, ratio of early diastolic mitral valve peak inflow velocity to late diastolic mitral valve inflow velocity; HR, heart rate; LA, left atrial diameter; LV FS, left ventricular fractional shortening; LVED, LV end-diastolic diameter; Max-LVWT, maximal left ventricular wall thickness in end diastole.