Table 3

Stratified analysis for the association between sST2 and the primary endpoint (any cardiovascular event) and secondary endpoints (death or heart failure) according moderate and complex adult congenital heart disease (ACHD)

Moderate (n=266)Complex (n=324)
HR*95% CIP valueHR*95%  CIP value
Any cardiovascular event n=73 n=152
sST2 (univariable)0.810.57 to 1.150.2341.611.27 to 2.03<0.001
Adjusted for age and sex0.880.58 to 1.340.5611.771.37 to 2.28<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex and creatinine0.890.59 to 1.350.5911.731.34 to 2.23<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex and NT-proBNP0.830.56 to 1.240.3681.531.19 to 1.97<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex, NT-proBNP and creatinine0.830.56 to 1.240.3631.531.18 to 1.990.001
Adjusted for age, sex, rhythm and systemic ventricular function0.860.56 to 1.310.4781.761.37 to 2.25<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex, NYHA class and cardiac medication0.900.59 to 1.370.6201.401.10 to 1.780.007
Adjusted for full model†0.860.56 to 1.300.4701.371.07–1.760.013
Adjusted for full model† and NT-proBNP0.800.54 to 1.210.2941.311.01 to 1.690.043
Death or heart failure n=15 n=54
sST2 (univariable)0.520.24 to 1.140.1001.871.25 to 2.800.002
Adjusted for age and sex2.681.75 to 4.11<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex and creatinine2.531.62 to 3.95<0.001
Adjusted for age, sex and NT-proBNP1.881.20 to 2.950.006
Adjusted for age, sex, NT-proBNP and creatinine1.931.20 to 3.120.007
  • Moderate ACHD: arterial switch operation, aortic stenosis or aortic coarctation.

  • Complex ACHD: tetralogy of Fallot, Rastelli, systemic right ventricle, univentricular heart or pulmonary arterial hypertension. Due to only a limited number of events, no further adjustment for clinical characteristics was performed regarding the secondary endpoint.

  • *HRs are expressed per twofold higher sST2 level. 

  • †Adjusted for age, sex, creatinine, sinus rhythm, systemic ventricular function, NYHA class 2–3 and cardiac medication.

  • NT-proBNP, N terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; NYHA, New York Heart Association; sST2, soluble suppression of tumourigenicity-2.