Table 6

Association between PA (measured in [1] walking, moderate and vigorous MET-min/week and [2] low vs moderate and high PA intensity) and maximal NC/C ratio

PA measurement methodModel
UnadjustedLimited adjustmentFull adjustment
Effect estimate95% CIP valueEffect estimate95% CIP valueEffect estimate95% CIP value
Total walking MET-min/week0.006−0.024 to 0.0370.680.005−0.025 to 0.0350.76−0.007−0.037 to 0.0230.65
Total moderate MET-min/week0.001−0.033 to 0.0350.950.002−0.031 to 0.0360.88−0.018−0.052 to 0.0160.31
Total vigorous MET-min/week0.016−0.007 to 0.0390.190.021−0.001 to 0.0440.060.006−0.017 to 0.0290.60
Low versus moderate categorical activity0.045−0.039 to 0.1300.290.048−0.035 to 0.1310.260.022−0.060 to 0.1040.60
Low versus high categorical activity0.009−0.073 to 0.0920.830.022−0.058 to 0.1040.58−0.037−0.119 to 0.0460.39
  • Effect estimate reflects an NC/C ratio change per IQR MET-min/week.

  • MET, metabolic equivalent of task; NC/C, non-compaction/compaction; PA, physical activity.