Table 4

Fully adjusted multivariate regression model from analysis of the relationship between PA in average acceleration and maximal NC/C ratio (p values less than 0.05 are in bold)

CovariateEffect estimateSE95% CIP value
Age (per SD: 7.68 years)0.0300.0230.0000.0680.077
Sex (male)−0.1750.050−0.273−0.077 <0.001
Ethnicity (Caucasian)0.1670.184−0.1940.5280.365
Height (per SD: 9.26 cm)−0.0190.028−0.0650.0280.416
BMI (per SD: 4.19 kg/m2)−0.0460.021−0.088−0.008 0.014
SBP (per SD: 18.0 mm Hg)−0.0180.018−0.0720.0180.366
DBP (per SD: 9.64 mm Hg)−0.0100.019−0.0580.0290.622
HR (per SD: 11.7 bpm)0.0120.012−0.0230.0470.638
Average household income before tax:
 Less than £18 0000.0170.053−0.0880.1220.751
 £31 000–£51 999−0.0520.041−0.1320.0290.210
 £52 000–£100 000−0.0690.049−0.1640.0270.158
 Greater than £100 000−0.0140.073−0.1570.1290.845
Degree level or professional education−0.0360.032−0.1000.0270.263
Townsend deprivation index (per SD: 2.68)−0.0210.016−0.0540.0110.174
Smoking status:
 Never smoked−0.0190.078−0.1720.1340.807
 Previous smoker−0.0420.080−0.1980.1140.600
Regular alcohol use−0.0200.032−0.0820.0430.536
Diabetes mellitus−0.0830.070−0.2200.0540.235
Cardiovascular disease−0.0220.058−0.1360.0910.698
Antihypertensive use0.0190.063−0.1050.1440.761
Statin use0.0020.044−0.0840.0880.962
LVEDV (per SD: 33.3 mL/m2)0.1650.0250.1160.214 <0.001
LV mass (per SD: 24.1 g/m2)−0.1100.028−0.165−0.055 <0.001
LVEF (per SD: 5.91%)−0.0340.016−0.065−0.003 0.034
Seven-day average acceleration (per IQR: 13.4 milligravity)−0.0470.031−0.1100.0150.133
  • BMI, body mass index; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; LV, left ventricular; LVEDV, LV end-diastolic volume; LVEF, LV ejection fraction; MET, metabolic equivalent of task; NC/C, non-compaction/compaction; PA, physical activity; SBP, systolic blood pressure.