Table 2

Association between PA (measured in both total MET-min/week and overall 7-day average acceleration) and maximal NC/C ratio for both the dose–response and extreme groups analysis

Clinical cardiac parameterPA measurement methodModel
UnadjustedLimited adjustmentFull adjustment
Effect Estimate95% CIP valueEffect Estimate95% CIP valueEffect Estimate95% CIP value
Dose–response analysisTotal MET-min/week0.019−0.019 to 0.0560.320.024−0.013 to 0.0600.20−0.001−0.039 to 0.0370.97
Seven-day average acceleration−0.012−0.062 to 0.0390.65−0.007−0.059 to 0.0450.79−0.047−0.110 to 0.0150.13
Extreme groups analysisTotal MET-min/week0.049−0.060 to 0.1580.380.062−0.046 to 0.1710.26−0.026−0.146 to 0.0940.67
Seven-day average acceleration−0.036−0.157 to 0.0860.56−0.017−0.144 to 0.1110.79−0.129−0.299 to 0.0400.49
  • Effect estimate reflects an NC/C ratio change per IQR of either total MET-min/week or 7-day average acceleration.

  • MET, metabolic equivalent of task; NC/C, non-compaction/compaction; PA, physical activity.