Table 1

Status of manganese contrast agents with clinical experience in myocardial imaging

Contrast agentProposed clinical dose (μmol/kg)Clinical trial/licensing statusCommercial availabilityBarriers to clinical applicationCurrently recruiting or yet-to-report cardiac clinical trials
Chelated manganese:
5Previously licensed in EU
Phase III clinical trials complete
Previously available as Teslascan*, withdrawn due to lack of demandNo current clinical productionManganese-enhanced MRI (MEMRI) of the myocardium
Non-chelated manganese:
 MnCl25Not licensed or undergoing clinical trialNot availableSignificant cardiotoxic potential in cardiac patientsNone
 EVP1001-11–10Phase II clinical trials completeNot availableCurrently undergoing further clinical trial
Toxicity profile in cardiac patients not well established
Clinical Trial of MEMRI to assess peri-infarct Injury
Efficacy of EVP1001-1 (see more) in the Assessment of myocardial viability in patients With cardiovascular disease
  • *Marketing authorisation holder: GE Healthcare AS.

  • †No current plans for routine clinical use at time of writing due to toxicity profile.

  • EU, European Union; EVP1001-1, Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical; MnCl2, manganese chloride; MnDPDP, manganese dipyridoxyl diphosphate.