Table 3

Comparison of characteristics of patients with severe aortic stenosis in prior research projects

IMPULSE11 Euro Heart Survey7 13 AVARIJN10 CURRENT AS8 9
LocationEuropeEuropeThe NetherlandsJapan
Number of centres23 (tertiary hospitals)92 (incl. outpatients and out of hospital)727
Definition of severe ASany ofany ofany ofany of
 Vmax (m/s)>4.0≥4.0>4.0
 AVA (cm2)<1.0≤1.0<1.0
 AVA indexed (cm2/m2)<0.6≤0.6
 Mean pressure gradient (mm Hg)>40≥50>40
 AV/LVOT velocity time integral ratio≥4.0
Patients with severe AS21718001913815
 Symptomatic (%)1743 (80.3)716 (89.5)132 (69.1)2005 (52.6)
 Asymptomatic (%)428 (19.7)84 (10.5)59 (30.9)1808 (47.4)
Patient characteristics
 Age (years)77.9±10.069*72.6 (63.7–78.6)77.8±9.8
 Female (%)48.043.03862
 Chronic lung disease (%)11.427.41710
 Renal impairment severe (%)25.315
 Dialysis (%)2.011
 Atrial fibrillation (%)15.919.722
 Log EuroSCORE I (%)15.6±13.95.4 (3.1–8.2)9.7 (5.8–16.7)
 STS score (%)4.5 (2.8–7.6)3.8 (2.2–6.5)
 AVA (cm2)0.73±0.190.74*0.74 (0.59; 0.91)0.72±0.18
 Indexed AVA (cm2/m2)0.40±0.110.41*0.50±0.13
 Vmax (m/s)4.3±0.74.3±0.84.1±0.9
 Mean aortic transvalvular gradient (mm Hg)47.1±14.755*40.8±19.7
 LV EDD (mm)47.9±9.150.9*45.9±7.0
 LV ESD (mm)31.6±10.233.7*30.2±7.9
 LVH (%)62.127
 LVEF (%)55.8±12.157.5*61±762.8±13.5
Treatment decision
 TAVR (%)52.9047.6†31.4†
 SAVR (%)24.075.2
 Conservative management (%)31.124.852.468.6
  • *Approximations as numbers are only available for severe symptomatic and severe asymptomatic separately.

  • †TAVR and SAVR combined.

  • AS, aortic stenosis; AVA, aortic valve area; AVARIJN, Aortic VAlve RIJNmond; EDD, end-diastolic diameter; ESD, end-systolic diameter; LV, left ventricle; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy; LVOT, left ventricular outflow tract; SAVR, surgical aortic valve replacement; STS, Society of Thoracic Surgeons; TAVR, transcatheter aortic valve replacement; V max, maximum jet velocity