Table 2

Details of dissection during pregnancy and postpartum

AgeType of dissectionRoot size
Patient A*37Type A42 mm†Day 10 pp‡Bentall procedure
Patient B36Type B41 mm§Day 14 pp‡Beta-blockade
Patient C¶30Type BNot imaged**
(41 mm first trimester)
Day 4 pp‡Beta-blockade
Patient D26Type B36 mm††6 months pp‡Beta-blockade
Patient E30Type BPrevious AoR 12 replacement and mechanical aortic valve12 weeksPregnancy termination and beta blockade
  • *Patient managed outside specialist centre and referred at 37 weeks’ gestation.

  • †Root measurement in the third trimester 45 mm.

  • ‡Pp=postpartum.

  • §Descending aorta parasternal long axis 21 mm prepregnancy.

  • ¶Patient only referred to specialist centre for pregnancy care.

  • **Descending aorta parasternal long axis 19 mm in first trimester.

  • ††Descending aorta parasternal long axis 21 mm prepregnancy.

  • AoR, aortic root.