Table 3

All other cardiovascular complications during pregnancy and postpartum

Total pregnancies ≥24 weeks (n=223)N (%)
Cardiac surgery6 (2.7)
 Patient F*Valve sparing ARR: 23 weeks: root 47 mm.
 Patient G†Valve sparing ARR: 8 days postpartum: root 46 mm postdelivery.
 Patient H‡Valve sparing ARR: 4 weeks postpartum: root 53 mm third trimester.
 Patient I§Valve sparing ARR: 4 weeks postpartum: root 81 mm prepregnancy.
 Patient J¶Valve and root replacement 6 months postpartum worsening aortic regurgitation.
Stroke2 (0.9)
 Patient KLeft insular infarct, 4 weeks postpartum, presumed cardioembolic.
 Patient LRight middle cerebral artery stenosis at 36 weeks gestation, no cause identified, thrombophilia screen negative.
  • *Aortic root 39 mm prior to pregnancy.

  • †Aortic root 42 mm prior to pregnancy.

  • ‡No prior pregnancy data as patient not engaged with service.

  • §Patient declined surgery prior to pregnancy.

  • ¶Patient transferred care from overseas, in UK from 24 weeks’ gestation when aortic root 47 mm.