Table 1

Baseline maternal characteristics at first pregnancy (nulliparous) delivering at ≥24 weeks (total n=116)

VariableData available, NMedian(IQR)Minimum/maximum
Age in years at diagnosis7214.5 (10–23)(1-38)
Age in years at pregnancy11129 (24–33)(15-42)
Height (cm)104178 (173–183)(166-190)
Weight (kg)10270.0 (63–86)(48-126)
Body mass index10522 (20–26.5)(17-40)
Data available, NNumber%
Functional status114
 NYHA class 111197.3
 NYHA class 232.7
 NYHA class 3 and 40
Genotype positive1167665.5
Family history of MFS1156657.4
Family history of dissection1144035.0
Previous ascending aorta replacement1141412.3
AoR prior to pregnancy <40 mm (echo)5680.0
AoR prior to pregnancy 40–44.9 mm (echo) 70701115.7
AoR prior to pregnancy ≥45 mm (echo)7034.3
  • AoR, aortic root; MFS, Marfan syndrome; NYHA, New York Heart Association.