Table 3

Aortic dimensions and patient characteristics for aortic reoperation

ASOAortic reoperation
PtDiagnosisGenderPVmOne-stageAge (days)LecompteAge (years)ProcedureMain indicationAortic dimensions
Annulus (mm) 
Root (mm)
1.TGA-IVSMTY2Y7.9AVR+PAplRoot dilatation+AR26.0 (5.40)35.8 (5.06)
2.TGA-VSDMTY101Y16.0AVRRoot dilatation+AR31.7 (4.46)40.2 (3.38)
3.TGA-IVSMTY3Y8.0SwitchbackRoot dilatation+AR22.1 (4.06)29.4 (3.52)
403Y29.0SCT+MVPRoot dilatation+MR25.2 (N/A)42.3 (N/A)
5.TGA-IVSMTY7Y24.0BentallRoot dilatation+AR32.7 (N/A)47.2 (N/A)
6.TGA-VSDMTY6N20.0BentallRoot dilatation31.9 (N/A)53.6 (N/A)
7.TGA-VSDMTY95Y13.9Bentall+AscRoot dilatation+AR28.5 (4.87)49.4 (6.63)
8.DORV-SP-VSDMTY210Y21.8Bentall+VSDcRoot dilatation27.4 (N/A)47.7 (N/A)
607N14.0Bentall+PVRRoot dilatation+RVOTO24.1 (3.34)45.1 (5.93)
10.TGA-VSDFTY115Y18.9Bentall+MVPRoot dilatation+AR + MR31.9 (N/A)48.0 (N/A)
  • *Z-scores available for patients <18 years.

  • AR, neo-aortic valve regurgitation; Asc, ascending aorta replacement; ASO, arterial switch operation; AVR, aortic valve replacement; Blalock, Blalock shunt; CoAR, repair of aortic coarctationr; DORV-SP-VSD, double outlet right ventricle with subpulmonary ventricular septal defect; F, female; IVS, intact ventricular septum; M, male; MVP, mitral valve plasty; N, no; N/A, not applicable; PAB, pulmonary artery banding; PApl, pulmonary artery plasty for supravalvular pulmonary stenosis; Pt, patients; PVm, pulmonary valve morphology; PVR, neo-pulmonary valve replacement; RVOTO, right ventricular outflow tract obstruction; SCT, supracoronary tube; TGA, transposition of the great arteries;  T, tricuspid; VSD, ventricular septal defect; VSDc, closure residual ventricular septal defect; Y, yes.