Table 1

Demographics and preoperative anatomy

DataStudy cohort (n=345), no (%)
Male229 (66.4)
Age at 1st assessment, median (range)1.9 (range 0.04–31.5) years
Age at last follow-up, median (range)12.2 (range 1.0–39.0) years
Morphological TGA subtype
 TGA-IVS230 (66.7)
 TGA-VSD89 (25.8)
 DORV-SP-VSD26 (7.5)
Coexisting findings
 Arch abnormality24 (7.0)
 Bicuspid pulmonary valve21 (6.1)
 Left ventricular OTO12 (3.5)
Coronary anatomy*
 Usual (1LCx-2R, 1L-2CxR)275 (79.7)
 Other60 (17.4)
 Intramural course of LAD4 (1.2)
 Unknown6 (1.7)
Preoperative procedures
 Balloon atrial septostomy182 (52.8)
 Previous PAB18 (5.2)
Arterial switch operation
 One-stage319 (92.5)
   Median age (range)8 days (0 days – 0.6 years)
 Two stage26 (7.5)
   Median age (range)143 days (36 days–5.1 years)
Coronary artery transfer technique
 Double button197 (57.1)
 Single trapdoor, single button96 (27.9)
 Double trapdoor31 (9.0)
 Aortic sinus pouch technique4 (1.2)
 Unknown17 (4.9)
Lecompte manoeuvre320 (92.8)
  • *Coronary anatomy description according to the Leiden Convention.

  • Cx, circumflex artery; DORV-SP-VSD, double outlet right ventricle with subpulmonary ventricular septal defect; IVS, intact ventricular septum; L or LAD, left anterior descending coronary artery; OTO, outflow tract obstruction; PAB, pulmonary artery banding; R, right coronary artery; TGA, transposition of the great arteries; VSD, ventricular septal defect.