Table 1

Patient demographics and diagnoses at assessment for cardiac transplantation

AllLVRVSVP value
Male131 (67%)38 (72%)42 (74%)51 (59%)0.137
Age (years)31.8 (23.4–41.1)37.2 (23.3–46.3)34.2 (28.6–39.8)28.3 (21.5–35.0)<0.001
Right heart pathology
(tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary stenosis)
Left heart pathology (aortic stenosis, Shone complex)1111--
Other (ventricular septal defect, venous drainage abnormalities)77--
Ebstein anomaly1313* --
Transposition of the great arteries38
 Rastelli repair3--
 Takedown Mustard/arterial switch1--
Single ventricle86
 Balanced (unoperated)--4
 Pulmonary artery band--3
 Shunt (various)--11
  Lateral tunnel8
  • *Six with Glenn.

  • †Three with forward flow, one with concomitant systemic–pulmonary shunt.

  • ‡Five conversions.

  • CCTGA, congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries; LV, left ventricle group; RV, right ventricle group; SV, single ventricle group; TCPC, total cavo-pulmonary connection