Table 2

Univariable and multivariable associations for high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I concentration

Univariable regression analysisMultivariable regression analysis*: r2=0.30
Coefficient95% CIP valueCoefficient95% CIP value
Age (per 10 years)0.370.30 to 0.44<0.0010.330.25 to 0.41<0.001
Male0.600.47 to 0.73<0.0010.250.10 to 0.400.002
Hypertension0.490.35 to 0.63<0.0010.170.04 to 0.300.011
Hyperlipidaemia0.290.15 to 0.43<0.001
Diabetes0.19−0.04 to 0.410.11
Documented CAD0.400.16 to 0.640.001
Family history of CAD−0.23−0.37 to −0.100.001
Ex-smoker0.03−0.12 to 0.190.68
Current smoker−0.15−0.34 to 0.030.10
BMI (log2)0.15−0.11 to 0.410.270.240.00 to 0.470.048
Systolic blood pressure (log2)1.160.83 to 1.49<0.0010.520.17 to 0.870.004
Diastolic blood pressure (log2)0.490.16 to 0.820.004
CT-adapted Leaman score (log2)0.190.16 to 0.23<0.0010.060.02 to 0.100.007
Indexed left ventricular mass (log2)1.371.13 to 1.61<0.0010.920.64 to 1.20<0.001
Indexed left ventricular volume (log2)0.01−0.27 to 0.280.96
Creatinine (log2)0.410.22 to 0.61<0.001
  • *All covariates were included in the final multivariable linear regression model; only those with p<0.05 are presented. Full modelling is presented in online supplementary table 1.

  • BMI, body mass index; CAD, coronary artery disease.