Table 1

Baseline clinical characteristics of the study populations

VariableStudy population n=730
Demographic data
 Age, years57.1±14.3
 Sex, male551 (75.5)
 SBP, mm Hg127.0±16.6
 DBP, mm Hg76.6±11.5
 Body mass index, cm/m2 25.2±3.1
Echocardiographic data
 Maximal LVWT, mm18.3±3.7
 Maximal LVWT, ≥30 mm7 (1.0)
 LA size, mm44.2±6.8
 Peak LV outflow track pressure gradient, mm Hg15.2±25.5
 LV end-diastolic dimension, mm47.5±5.2
 LV ejection fraction, %64.5±6.7
Risk factors
 Family history of sudden cardiac death91 (12.5)
 Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia144 (19.7)
 Unexplained syncope98 (13.4)
 Hypertension292 (40.0)
 Diabetes122 (16.7)
 Dyslipidaemia182 (24.9)
 Atrial fibrillation118 (16.2)
 Stroke71 (9.7)
 Ischaemic heart disease96 (13.2)
  • Values presented as mean±SD for continuous variables and as the number (%) for categorical variables.

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; LA, left atrium; LV, left ventricle; LVWT, left ventricular wall thickness;SBP, systolic blood pressure.