Table 3

Clinical and procedural outcomes

VariableNormal LAP
Elevated LAP
P value
Reduction in mean LAP, mm Hg (SD)1.9 (2.3)2.8 (3.9)0.08*
Per cent reduction in mean LAP (SD)13.0% (16.6)12.9% (14.2)0.95
Reduction in V wave, mm Hg (SD)7.2 (5.8)9.2 (10.0)0.30
Per cent reduction in V wave (SD)26.5% (19.0)23.6% (19.5)0.44
Mean length of stay, days (SD)2.6 (2.8)2.6 (3.6)0.94
Change in NYHA class (SD)−1.2 (1.0)−1.4 (0.8)0.31
Mean NYHA class in follow-up (SD)1.8 (0.7)1.7 (0.8)0.54
Free of all dyspnoea22.6%19.1%0.65
Greater than moderate MR25.8%33.0%0.43
Recurrent heart failure due to MR9.7%17.3%0.29
Death or mitral valve repair within 1 year35.5%19.7%0.05
Mitral valve repair within 1 year3.2%6.9%0.61
Death within 1 year32.3%12.7%0.006
 Cardiac cause10.0%50.0%0.03
 Non-cardiac cause40.0%13.6%0.13
 Unknown cause50.0%36.4%0.47
  • *The Wilcoxon test was used due to non-normal data distribution.

  • LAP, left atrial pressure; MR, mitral regurgitation; NYHA, New York Heart Association.