Table 2

Follow-up and mortality

Acute MI
Acute myocarditis
Takotsubo syndrome
Normal CMR
P value
Follow-up time (in days)1394±9851345±9201503±10211314±10811090±807NS (0.162)
Early mortality (1 month)1 (0.4)0 (0)0 (0)1 (4)0 (0)0.0343
One-year mortality4 (1.8)1 (2)0 (0)3 (13.6)0 (0)<0.001
Four-year mortality13 (5.9)5 (10.2)2 (1.6)6 (27.3)0 (0)<0.001
Deaths per patient-year (%)*†
  • Values are n (%) or mean values with ±SD.

  • *CI for deaths per patient year.(MI:0.008-0.05748; Myocarditis:0.0004-0.0129; TakoTsubo:0.0234-0.1389; TakoTsubo:0.0234-0.1389)

  • †Pairwise comparison of death per patient (MI versus myocarditis: p=0.0073; MI versus normal CMR: p=0.1184; MI versus Takotsubo: p=0.1025; Myocarditis versus normal CMR: p=0.552; Myocarditis versus Takotsubo: p<0.0001; TakoTsubo versus normal CMR: p=0.0119)

  • CMR, cardiac magnetic resonance; MI, acute myocardial infarction; Myocarditis, acute myocarditis; TakoTsubo, Tako-Tsubo syndrome.