Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in the systematic review

CohortStudy (author)Mean age (95% CI)Sample sizeMale (%)AMI prevalence (%)Median presentation time (min)Median time from presentation to first sample (min)Median time between first and second sample (min)hs-cTn assay
APACE (derivation)Reichlin et al 6 63 (50 to 75)4367017NANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
Gimenez et al 7 62 (49 to 62)9056921NANANAhs-cTnI-Abbott
APACE-BACCTwerenbold et al 28 62 (50 to 74)43686717NA060 (59–68)hs-cTnT-Roche and hs-cTnI-Abbott
APACE onlyBoeddinghaus et al 29 62 (49 to 75)13476918NANANAhs-cTnI-Siemens
HIGHSTEACChapman et al 30 31 62±14.24066181992865 (60–73)hs-cTnI-Abbott and hs-cTnI-Siemens
BarcelonaDuran-Cambra et al 16 68±151876413NANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
ParklandVigen et al 15 55536562NANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
TRAPIDMueller et al 9 62 (50 to 74)12826315108 (60–174)NANAhs-cTnT-Roche
Japan–TaiwanShiozaki et al 14 72 (59 to 81)4136114NANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
HIGH-USNowak et al 35 56.7±12.921115715NANANAhs-cTnI-Siemens
REACTION-USGandolfo et al 34 NA543NA8NANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
FuwaiLin et al 36 59.5 (58.2 to 60.8)283NA32NANANAhs-cTnI-Abbott
Bangkok*Ruangsomboon et al 32 67±14.26540NA18614.9NAhs-cTnT-Roche
Lund*Mokhtari et al 33 61±7.5103854NANANANAhs-cTnT-Roche
  • *These cohorts were included for analysis of secondary outcome, that is, major adverse cardiac events or mortality.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; APACE, advantageous predictors of acute coronary syndromes evaluation; BACC, biomarkers in acute cardiac care; HIGHSTEACS, high-sensitivity troponin in the evaluation of patients with acute coronary syndrome; HIGH-US, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assays in the United States; hs-cTn, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin; NA, Not available; REACTION-US, Rapid evaluation of acute myocardial infarction in the United States; TRAPID, the high sensitivity cardiac troponin T assay for rapid rule-out of acute myocardial infarction.