Table 2

Outcome in relation to whether bystander CPR was performed before the arrival of EMS or not.

Bystander CPR
All patients
(n=11 955)
p value
Survival at 30 days
All patients1592–13.31361–16.0231–6.7<0.0001
Patients with VF/VT as first monitored rhythm1093–31.6953–34.2140–20.8<0.0001
Patients with other initial arrhythmia338–4.2254–4.784–3.10.0008
ROSC anytime (210/129)*4597–39.63396–40.91201–36.2<0.0001
ROSC at arrival in hospital (179/74)3676–31.42759–33.1917–27.2<0.0001
  • Results presented as number (%)

  • *Number of patients with missing information of those receiving and not receiving bystander CPR, respecitvely.

  • CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation;EMS, emergency medical services; OHCA, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; VF/VT, ventricular fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia.