Table 2

Prevalence of comorbidities in hospitalised patients with severe respiratory viral infections

Geographic regionCOVID-19InfluenzaSARSMERS
USAChinaItaly*USACanadaMiddle East, Europe
Total number17841610433271144637
Diabetes mellitus28.3%14%17.3%---11%51%
Cardiovascular disease27.8%14.7%21.4%45.6%8%31%
Chronic lung disease34.6%2.9%4.0%34.5%1%
Malignancy or immunocompromised9.6%2.2%7.8%17.0%6%
Source (reference)CDC COVID-Net, Garg et al 78 Shi et al 7 Grasselli et al 79 CDC FluServ-Net80 Booth et al 81 Badawi and Ryoo73
  • *Only including patients in the intensive care unit.

  • CDC, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention; MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome; SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome.