Table 2

Summary results of meta-regression on significance of setting (community vs hospital) in variations in sensitivity and specificity of handheld ECG devices

DeviceAll studiesExcluding case–control studies*Excluding AF centre studies†Excluding study with unclear risk of blinding‡Excluding study that used a modified diagnostic algorithm§
P valueP valueP valueP valueP value
All handheld ECG devices0.0320.0120.0440.0200.025
Restricted to
AliveCor only
  • *Lown et al’s12 and Vaes et al’s25 studies.

  • †Tieleman et al’s,33 William et al’s31 and Kaleschke et al’s30 studies.

  • ‡Haberman et al’s study.27

  • §Desteghe et al’s study.11

  • AF, atrial fibrillation.