Table 1

CT-FFR techniques

TechniqueComputation flow dynamic method (CFD)Computational timeProcessingCost
cFFR (Siemens)Reduced-order algorithm and machine-learning algorithm based on synthetic lesions20 minLocal workstationLicense
FFRCT (HeartFlow)Reduced-order algorithm and machine-learning algorithm for coronary segmentation1–4 hoursCloud based£530/patient
CT-FFR (Toshiba)Reduced-order one-dimensional fluid model27 minLocal workstationLicense
CT-FFRLumped parameter model using a vessel length–based CFD approach30 minLocal workstationn/a
Virtual Functional Assessment Index (vFAI)CFD to derive ratio of distal to proximal pressure25 minLocal workstationn/a
  • There are a range of computation fluid dynamic methods that are used to derive CT-FFR from CT coronary angiography. There are varying complexities and computational processing depending on the technique.

  • CFD, computation fluid dynamics; CT-FFR, CT-derived fractional flow reserve; n/a, not available.