Table 2

Procedural characteristics

Vessel measuredLADLCXRCA
35 (100) 35 (100)35 (100)
 Myocardial mass on CCTA (g)*49.2±12.239±13.246.5±15.9
 RV mass on CCTA (g) †0026.9±8.6
 LV mass on CCTA (g)49.7±12.739.4±13.419.5±11.1
Invasive measurements
 FFR Rayflow0.81±0.060.92±0.060.91±0.11
 Pd (mm Hg)75.3±14.690.1±20.785.6±17.7
 Pa (mm Hg)92.6±16.594.1±21.893.7±16.5
 Ti (C) −4.2±1.23−4.2±0.95−3.7±0.94
 T (C) −0.55±0.06−0.53±0.19−0.38±0.19
 Qnorm (mL/min) 312.1±108.8200±77.5226.8±79.4
  • Summary values represent mean±SD.

  • *Myocardial left and right ventricle mass measured from the position of tip of the Rayflow catheter.

  • †Note: RV mass has been calculated as 20% of the LV mass.

  • CCTA, coronary CT angiography; FFR Rayflow, fractional flow reserve during continuous thermodilution (with Rayflow in situ); LAD, left anterior descending; LCX, left circumflex; LV, left ventricle; Pa, central aortic pressure; Pd, distal coronary pressure; Qnorm, normal value of coronary flow in the hypothetical absence of stenosis and infusion catheter; RCA, right coronary artery; RV, right ventricle; T, distal vessel temperature during continuous thermodilution; Ti, infusion temperature.