Table 4

Parameter estimates and P values from the mixed effects models describing the relationship between newly diagnosed diabetes and health status outcomes

Health status outcomesReference groupEstimate (Unadjusted models)95% CIP valueEstimate (Adjusted models*)95% CIP value
SAQ-Angina Frequency
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes3.792.29 to 5.31<0.00015.052.50 to 7.590.0001
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.0009
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.0235
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes0.07−1.17 to 1.300.91580.24−0.95 to 1.430.6928
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.8398
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.5656
SAQ-Physical Limitations
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes4.112.38 to 5.84<0.00016.713.67 to 9.74<0.0001
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction<0.0001
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.0011
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes0.57−0.89 to 2.040.4450−1.55−3.7 to 0.600.1575
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.0311
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.0183
SAQ-Quality of Life
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes6.194.08 to 8.29<0.00014.351.37 to 7.340.0041
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.1143
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.2473
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes3.081.28 to 4.880.0012.580.97 to 4.200.0018
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.5455
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.5489
SF-12 Mental Functioning
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes2.821.83 to 3.81<0.00010.33−0.88 to 1.560.5913
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.6385
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.9505
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes0.960.07 to 1.850.0354−0.36−1.35 to 0.620.4646
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.0005
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.1049
SF-12 Physical Functioning
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes4.313.19 to 5.43<0.00010.77−0.40 to 1.940.1959
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.2478
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.7762
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes−1.43−2.38 to −0.480.0034−0.60−1.43 to 0.220.1535
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.8236
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.6423
EQ-5D Visual Analogue Scale
Newly diagnosed diabetesEstablished diabetes6.935.06 to 8.80<0.00014.261.70 to 6.820.005
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.0036
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.3973
Newly diagnosed diabetesWithout diabetes0.92−0.64 to 2.490.24811.19−0.25 to 2.630.106
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time2 interaction0.7887
 Newly diagnosed diabetes*time3 interaction0.2543
  • P value numbers in bold denote statistical significance at the p<0.05 level.

  • *Models adjusted for cardiometabolic characteristics, gender, sociodemographics, CVD risk factors, other comorbidities, AMI treatment, clinical characteristics of AMI, non-pharmacological interventions, psychosocial and behavioural factors, self-reported socioeconomic status and time.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; EQ-5D-VAS, Euro-Quality of Visual Analogue Scale; NS, not significant; SAQ, Seattle Angina Questionnaire; SF-12, 12 Item Short Form Survey; Time2, indicator of the 1-month follow-up time point; Time3, indicator of the 12-month follow-up time point.