Table 2

Comparisons of the echocardiographic variables between Tb and T1

TbT1P value
Heart rate, bpm74±1377±140.078
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg120±20119±170.46
LVEDV, mL89±2690±230.65
LVESV, mL31±1133±90.11
LVEF, %65±463±40.003
LAVi, mL/m2 28±930±100.25
E, cm/s74±2168±180.007
A, cm/s74±2375±220.81
E/A ratio1.1±0.51.0±0.40.012
e', cm/s10.9±2.911.0±2.60.22
a', cm/s11.0±2.611.0±2.80.36
E/e' ratio7.1±2.87.0±3.20.82
TRV, m/s2.2±0.42.2±0.30.35
TAPSE, mm22±321±30.49
GLS, %23.2±2.622.2±2.4<0.001
  • Values are mean±SD. p<0.05, Tb versus T1. Tb was determined as the timing of echocardiographic study just before anthracycline administration, and T1 as the timing of the first echocardiographic study after starting of anthracycline administration.

  • a’, peak atrial systolic mitral annular velocity; A, peak atrial diastolic wave velocity; e’, peak early diastolic mitral annular velocity; E, peak early diastolic wave velocity; GLS, global longitudinal strain; LAVi, left atrial volume index; LVEDV, left ventricular end diastolic volume; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVESV, left ventricular end systolic volume; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion; TRV, tricuspid regurgitation velocity.