Table 2

Haemodynamic progression of aortic stenosis according to use of antidiabetic drugs

Non-user (n=115)DPP-4 inhibitor user (n=97)Overall p valueAdjusted
p value*
Unfavourable (n=69)Favourable
Annual change of AV maximal velocity, cm/s/year17.7±17.116.9±15.98.0±13.00.0180.015
Annual change of mean pressure gradient, mm Hg/year3.2±3.22.7±2.71.3±3.00.0150.022
Annual change of peak pressure gradient, mm Hg/year5.2±5.34.8±5.02.3±4.00.0270.025
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, coronary artery disease, use of statin, baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate, and use of metformin, sulfonylurea and insulin.

  • AV, aortic valve; DPP-4, dipeptidyl peptidase-4.