Table 5

Experiences of sexual harassment and sexism among male and female cardiologists

Examples of sexual harassment experienced by male cardiologists“A female has given me unwanted gifts of a sexual nature and has initiated unwanted embraces or other physical contact.”
“Female consultant making awkward and unwanted advances.”
“Unwanted advances from several colleagues.”
“Some inappropriate behaviour from consultant when house officer.”
Examples of sexual harassment experienced by female cardiologists“…Discussions of sexual activities which I did not wish to hear, questioning about my own sexual activities. Inappropriate touching.”
“Consultants making suggestive comments and inappropriate attempts at touching.”
“Inappropriate comments. Unwanted physical contact. Attempted sexual assault.”
“Inappropriate touching, guess the boob size, sexual ‘banter.’”
“Multiple comments about my breasts, touched inappropriately.”
“So many it is impossible to start - I believe this is endemic in cardiology/cardiothoracics as it is in the film industry - i really mean this.”